Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm – Saves lives and protects assets from being destroyed.

Fire Alarm System : fire detectors, manual pull stations and alarms ( bells or horns typically) connected to a fire alarm panel.

Fire Alarm System is designed to alert us to an emergency so that we can take action to protect ourselves, staff and the general public.

Fire alarms are used in businesses, factories and public buildings, they are part of our everyday routine, but they are still overlooked before an emergency happens at which point they might only save our lives.

Whatever the detection method is, sounders can work when the alarm is activated to alert people in the building that there might be a fire and evacuate.

Fire detector system “Brain” is the Fire Alarm Control Panel. This is the main hub for wired to all detector signals, and provides users with a status indication.

The unit can also be set up to simulate an alarm for use in routine Fire and evacuation drills, so all staff knows what action to take in the event of a real fire.